Vinyl Pool Liners

Latham Vinyl Liners for Southern Oregon - Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement Specialist for All of Oregon

Latham in-ground liners are available in 20 and 27 Mil material. Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs – the majority of which are created by our team of designers and are exclusive to Latham.

Liners are available in numerous patterns. Choosing one you enjoy is important since the liner defines the look and feel of your pool.

Vinyl Liner Pattern Selection

Barlo / Prism ULTRA lancashire Capri / Fresco II Cobalt Lake / Grey Mosaic Courtstone / Natural Grey Courtstone Blue / Natural Blue Coventry / Prism Disco Pearl Dolphin / Royal Seabrook Gulf Coast / Tan Seastone Hampton / Seaglass Cancun / Blue Granite Indigo Marble / Blue Granite Legends / Deep Blue Fusion Marble Inlay / Crystal Moonstruck / Creekstone Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic Nantucket / Blue Seastone Ocean Barlo / Natural Blue Oxford / Electric Aquarius Pacific Tide / Prism Panama / Royal Prism Pixel Blue Pearl Seaside / Glacier Stonebraid / Royal Prism Summerwave / Deep Blue Fusion Tan Sierra / Gold Pebble Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic

Vinyl Liner Floor Pattern Selection

All floor patterns are available as "Full print liners" (no tile borders). All floor patterns are available in tread-tex for use on vinyl over step applications.

Blue Granite Blue Mosaic Blue Seastone Creekstone Crystal Deep Blue Fusion Disco Pearl Glacier Gold Pebble Grey Mosaic Electric Aquarius Fresco II Onyx Penny Mosaic Prism Natural Blue Natural Grey Reef Royal Prism Royal Seabrook Seaglass Tan Seastone